Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Even More Braids!

Last week I wrote about how a chance meeting with the Braid Society lead me to be obsessed with fill the gap braiding and wanting a lucet. I still want a lucet. October is the month of bills for us. Or, to put it more dramatically, The Month Of Bills. Either way buying new toys is out of the question. We learned last week that the world of braiding is vast, so there must be something else I can do that would require nothing more than what I already have.

A chair!
At this point I found and loop braiding. It requires fingers, string and something steady. As I have all three of those I was set. As I've not been able to go out much because of asthma I got a lot of practise in.

First I started with the Easy 3-Loop Braid which is, as the name suggests, really easy.

Then I moved on to five and seven, at some point between the two I figured out decent tension. Incredibly pleased with myself I moved on to make these bracelets from yet another cool tutorial. This one.

So loop braiding is a fun and addictive way to braid and Ingrid Crickmore is an incredibly generous genius. Go over to and read everything. It's amazing!

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