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3 Torquay Tourist Traps Worth A Visit (Other Than The Beach)

During mofo I was so inspired by She often recommends places to eat in the places she visits. In fact, I thought to myself, I love reading peoples recommendations before we visit a place. So why don't I do that? Make myself useful. After all I live in a British seaside resort too. Just one that's less cool. So I bring to you...

3 Torquay Tourist Traps Worth A Visit 

I always recommend using Torquay as a base to travel to other bits of South Devon. 'Take a boat to Brixham!', 'Take the Bus to Greenway!', 'Go to Totnes!'. Here are three things you can do without leaving town. These are the places that I, as a local, go to again and again. 

I completely, totally and sincerely love model villages. I admire the work that goes into creating a tiny version of our own world and they have done it really well here. But if you aren't convinced just by the words Model Village then let me tell you a bit more about it.

As you walk around the garden there are plenty of charming scenes. I especially love watching all the trains, peering into the city scape and checking out what's probably the worlds smallest nudest beach. As long as it's not snowing. The miniature nudists may have no modesty but they do have sense.  

I also like the models of local landmarks. Even if the hotel from Fawlty Towers isn't exactly how it looks now1 and in the miniature Cockington the church has been put where the pub is in real life.

By far the best time to visit the Model Village is over the Christmas Season. That is unless you really wanted to see those tiny little naked bums. Over Christmas the snow comes out and the entire Village is transformed. It looks stunning.
This is pretty much the only snow we see in Torquay at Christmas. And the only train willing to go through it.

Kents Cavern

Kents Caven is great for the History and Geology geek. Early man lived in the cave, and bears, lions, sabre toothed cats and wooly mammoths. So the history and interest is there but what makes it fun? You're taken around the caves by a charming, knowledgeable and funny guide.

There's also events running through the year. Plays, parties, santa visits. We even had our wedding there.

Living Coasts

Living Coasts is a coastal zoo. There is a large free flight area for the coastal birds - staff have been known to hand out baby wipes in emergencies - and there are free range penguins hanging about. Living Coasts. They're looking after some endangers species, check out the pair of Black Cormorants (they are huge, you won't miss them) and some birds in decline around the UK coasts like the Chough.

My favourite part is actually watching the waders. They live in a tidal pool so they landscape is different each time we visit but their legs always look far too long to be that graceful.

Just watch out for this guy flying above you.

1 There is nothing more disappointing than spending the time going to look at the Hotel Gleneagles. It just looks wrong now. But I'm told the cream teas are good.

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