Friday, 15 November 2013

Colo(u)ring by Numbers

I've got a cold at the moment so I'm going to try to make this quick and readable, as opposed to my brain which feels slow and hahcsjifca.

There is a new Leethal collection out! Like today. An hour ago at most. And you should buy it. I'm not basing this on my already well documented love of her patterns. I'm basing this on knitting one of the pieces. I was luck enough to be able to test knit the Checkered Headband.

The Checkered Headband is a three colour check pattern in worsted weight yarn. It joins together with a wide button band. If you think that looks good and you'd like to make one you probably have two worries about now, let me reassure you. The only colour work in this is stripes, the checks are created by the construction. And yes there are ends to weave in but not one for every square. Don't panic.

You can buy the checked headband as a single pattern or you can get the Color By Numbers collection. If you ask me you should do the second one. It has the Checkered Headband (awsome) plus one other headband, two cowl, two mitts and a blanket. If you want something different there is also the instructions for combining any colour pattern with any item. I already have some mitts planed.

You can check out my Chequered Headband on Ravelry.

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