Friday, 1 November 2013

Lucet Cord Necklace

I finally got my hands on a lucet (this one) from Totnes market. I read the instructions and started making cord. And carried on making cord. And on and on and on. Eventually I had enough cord to stretch around my neck twice and as I'd made it out of leftover sock yarn it looked pretty damn good there. I'm not posting a tutorial here because I think I've invented the best thing ever but because you might have a minute and a length of cord.

Skill Level: Beginner
Time Taken: Not even a TV show. Like one song if we're talking short fast and punky.
  • 1.65 meters of lucet cord (made from around 16 meters/4 grammes of sock yarn) 

Fold your cord double

Starting at the folded side tie a knot a 5th of the way down. I've done overhangs (for the purple and green) and double overhangs for the (autumn colours) here. Tie whatever knot you like but larger knots will take up more of the cord, you may like a longer cord. Take care not to pull too tight on the finished knot.

Go along another 5th and make a second knot.

Continue until you have four knots. 

Thread one open end through the loop end.

Tie the two open ends together, trapping the loop.

Wear your funky creation. Then lie down, that was hard work.

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