Thursday, 3 April 2014

Cream Cheese From Yogurt

After making Paneer Tikka (we're so obsessed with that stuff!) I had a bunch of leftover yogurt. I had no plan for it and I was worried it would go off. When I started making cheese a friend of mine mentioned the cream cheese she had made from yogurt. I thought 'how hard can it be to google that'... well you'll never have to find out. I used this tutorial.

It's not a true cream cheese - shockingly that would require cream to make - but it is delicious. I found it surprisingly light with none of the cloying aftertaste I get from shop bought. After I took the cheese out of it's cloth I mixed in some herbs straight off the balcony. Stunning green chives that have only just popped their heads above ground after winter.

I hastily snapped this before breakfast where the herby cream cheese was a big success. For me at least. Stephen thought it was a little too tart from the yoghurt. Looks like a true cream cheese is one of my next experiments.

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