Thursday, 24 April 2014

Exploring Isa Does It

When I get a new cookbook I tend to sit with it beside me for a couple of weeks, read it front to back, flip through it a lot and make whatever comes to mind. Then I come here and post a review and a bunch of food pictures. After that I use the book to make those recipes and occasionally scan it for new ones. A good book becomes a regular part of my cooking life.

Sometimes that doesn't happen. Even a good book I forget about. It can get overshadowed by another book, the recipes I want to try may not be seasonal, I might just be depressed and not cooking and forget all about it. That last one happened to Isa Does It. A cookbook which I reviewed with great enthusiasm and then forgot about. Which is a real shame, because it's incredible.

Olives + Roasted Red Pepper = Happiness?

I've been making more of an effort to flick through it and try more stuff. As the recipes are all super easy and super tasty it's hard not to be inspired. This week I made myself The Mediterranean Overnight Scramble. It's actually (shockingly?) the first tofu scramble I've ever had and is quite incredible. The fabulous roasted red pepper and olives shine through. I suspect you can't fail to start the day right with olives in you breakfast.

Okay some look more sausagey than others...
Speaking of olives I couldn't resist making the pizza bowl again following its success last week. This time I read the recipe correctly and threw in brown rice. I even went for the home made sausages. The Steamy Beany Sausages were ridiculously fun to make and taste really good.

Still not going easy on that sauce though.
If you started reading this post by feeling sorry for me for not getting into Isa Does It enough hopefully you can now take comfort in my attempts to rectify that. If you'd like to recommend one of the recipes for me to try I'd be grateful.  

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  1. I love that pizza bowl so much! No need to go easy on the sauce, bowls are meant to be saucy.