Monday, 28 April 2014

Lettuce Wraps With Hoison-Mustard Tofu

The other day I got a box in the post with two different types of tofu in. I bragged about his on twitter and felt like the nerdiest vegetarian ever. Then I remember two days before I had eaten this:

That's tofu on lettuce right there. It's the Lettuce Wraps with Hoison Mustard Tofu from Appetite For Reduction which I made in a mad dash to rid my fridge of leftover lettuce. But rather than tasting of leftovers it was just amazing. It was incredibly filling and bursting with flavour. Mostly thanks to the tofu.

Okay, so tofu doesn't have any flavour of it's own but it has magical transformative powers. No really. You can press it, freeze it or deep fry it to change it's texture. that's not taking into account the different varieties you can buy. And every flavor you can think to pair it with you get a different take on tofu.

Here the firm squares are browned to make the outsides nice and crispy while keeping the inside moist and delicious then it's stirred with an amazing flavorful sauce. The lettuce cuts through the richness nicely and I'm feeling full and happy.

If this sounds like a love song to tofu it's probably because it is. Apologies to the people who say they don't like or even hate tofu. I love it and hope can give it an honest try. Perhaps you still won't like it but there are so many different types of tofu and different ways of preparing it that I'm confident you'll find one for you.


  1. I love tofu so much that I have a tofu tattoo! I also love those hoisin lettuce wraps, so yummy!

  2. I am feeling very nervous because I'm out of firm even though I have silken, freeze dried, smoked, basil and aburaage.

    Looking back over that sentence it seems much more dorky compared to a tofu tattoo!