Thursday, 17 April 2014

Playing Around On Cookpad

I know I'm not the only one in the world who enjoys playing around on the English Language version of Cookpad but I went through a massive Japanese food craving the other week and ended up pinning and even cooking some fabulous food. If you've not been on Cookpad before it's a really cool database of recipes created by Japanese home cooks. Kind souls have translated some of these recipes in to English.

Noodles, eggs and a full tummy

Which is fabulous because as much as I love the Japanese cookbooks I own  I want to know about home cooking. I want to know what real people do when they have bare cupboards or a certain vegetable isn't in season. I want to see recipes based on how real cooks act in their own kitchens. The other thing I absolutely love is going through the recipes by vegetable. Take mizuna, I leaf grown by many UK gardeners and professional growers because it's lovely in salad. Sometimes I think we waste it's potential by not cooking it. Now I have no excuse.

So away from the generalities and onto the specifics. I've been enjoying the hell out of these Curry Marinated Sweet Onions. It's a quick pickle that goes great on sandwiches, burgers, on the side of your plate... it does hate having it's picture taken though. Can't explain that. What I did manage to take a picture of though was this amazing Udon with Thick Egg Soup. Store cupboardy and perfect for lunch. It's simple to make and incredibly satisfying.

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