Thursday, 1 May 2014

Me Made May '14

It's Me Made May '14 and I've pledged to take part this year. Why? Well I tend to make things, and wear them but then I forget all about having done it.

I forget that I've accomplished something. I write off my achievements. My self esteem lives and dies based on what I have in progress and when I hit a snag I'm the worst person ever. So this May I'm wearing a handmade thing (garment, accessory, whatever goes with/under my uniform...) each day to prove to myself that I've done something. Hopefully it will prove that the something I did was pretty awsome.

I'll post the recaps each Thursday and here's the first:

May 1st: Freewheelin'. Unfortunately gets left in the wardrobe a lot because the colour makes me self conscious. I wore it today and I was the brightest person in the coffee shop. Standing out isn't always a bad thing.

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