Sunday, 14 September 2014

Vegan Mofo Day 14: Battle of the Truffles!

Shopping in Totnes yesterday we found some lovely vegan treats and we had a small debate over which we should buy. Stephen likes white chocolate and almonds, my favorite is dark chocolate and hazelnuts (and I hate white chocolate) We chose a pack of truffles each and this is what we thought. Other than mmmm chocolate that is.


We spotted these vegan chocolate balls in Sacks Wholefoods at the top of Totnes High Street. They're made by Le Paradis Du Chocolat, who are based just north of Totnes in the village of Dartington. The owners, Zeljko and Ana Bozic, are from Belgium and Switzerland. 

 Like all of the company’s products, these white chocolate almond balls are raw, vegan, and organic, and use coconut sugar rather than cane or beet sugar (which may be healthier). As with true white chocolate they use just cocoa butter and no cocoa mass. The dominant flavour is the almond, and they taste much like a raw almond spread, with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste.


I went for Booja-Booja truffles which are probably the most well known vegan chocolate truffles in the UK so I don't get obscurity points and they are made in Norfolk so I don't get local points either. But they are delicious and decadent. Beautifully dark with a sophisticated cocoa powdered edge and a middle of chocolate and hazelnut that is just bliss.

In Conclusion

The only moral to this story is that you should eat vegan truffles.

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