Thursday, 29 May 2008


There is a lot of drama involved in saying where I garden now. Lets just say that I garden in pots. That way I can leave out the depression and living at my mums boyfriends house and them splitting up resulting in me having to move.

Now I'm living in my Dad's house and the pots are doing well. I'm staying here for a whopping one month though. I'm moving down to Torquay for the summer to be with my boyfriend (and earn money) So I guess Dad will have to babysit the pots.

So how can I garden? Well I plan on adding to my pot family even if I have to leave them in the hands of other people for a couple of months. I imagine my boyfriends windowsill can hold a few. I also have permission to mess with a bit of my Dad's garden so he and my Gran will have something to look at. And I don't have permission to garden in Torquay but I will anyway. The boyfriend and I hope to start Guerrilla Gardening down there.

I'm also collecting ideas together for when I have somewhere to live all of my own (or rented). That is my Dream Garden and I hope you don't mind me ranting about it.

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