Thursday, 29 May 2008

Impulse Buying

I was planning on spending the day packing but something I can't quite explain happened. There where no UFOs and I'm not protecting the identity of anyone involved it's just plain old confusion. The confusing events led to a trip to the supermarket.

I came back with things to make sandwiches, a nice vegetarian tea (as in the meal, not the drink) and a red pink. Dianthus Cheryl according to the tag. I'd just turned over the hard soil in my little patch of my Dad's garden and wanted to put something there. I planted it in it's pot which google tells me will only give a couple of years good growth but that's fair enough. The buds haven't opened yet. Fingers crossed and I'll post a picture when they do.

I also bought a packet of wild flower seeds and tossed them over my wet, loose patch of dirt. I want to see what happens with them. Any good and I can use them to scatter over patches of dull pointless grass. And for some reason the local council likes dull pointless grass.

And last but not least some Marigold seeds have been planted where the daffodils used to be. Don't know why.

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