Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Colouring outside the lines

So today Kelsie and I went to Urbis. Oh yes. For the seed bombing.

We had a quick tour around the gallery. Quick because it was only us two and we'd seen it before but here are the highlights from this visit.

Proving that you can grow something in the city are these lovely strawberries and tomatoes. They weren't there the first few times I viewed the gallery and are there now so I assume that they grew there. I really do want to pick and eat one. Or I wish someone would.

Yes, I do love strawberries but I also think it's such a shame that they are just left on the plant until they are rotten. You can see the life cycle of the fruit here. The green berry , followed by the red berry, followed by the old one in the back. I suppose that should worry me about the gallery at Urbis. It is just a gallery. The plants are just there to be looked at. But considering I have been inspired to garden I imagine someone else has. And the staff lovingly prop up the wilting ones. But I do wish someone would eat that strawberry...

But by far my favorite bit of the gallery at Urbis is the insane gadgets. From the flowerboxes to the balcony post to this. A tree fed by a drip.

After we had a look at the plants it was time to move on to the seed bomb making. Kelsie and I got to work chucking together the ingredients. Clay, compost, seeds, water. Then we rolled them up into little balls. He he. Because the bombs need 24 hours to dry out. We left them for the next group and took out some that had already been made. Our first target was just outside Victoria station. We waited for the tram to go past and attacked, throwing our bombs over the railings.

Then we moved on to the next site. And look at what a wasteland it was. Luckily we had plenty of bombs. So we emptied out our bag of bombs. With any luck the place will bloom with poppies and wildflowers. If it does, it will be so brilliant. And I think, one day I'll make more bombs.

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