Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Rebellion begins at home

Last Friday I walked a very long way in very long grass. Alright, if you look on a map it does seem like a short distance but my poor itchy legs clearly disagree with that. But at the end of the long way was a garden center. We bought some seeds for the Guerrilla Garden. To protect the seedlings from the council mower (yeah right) We thought that we would plant them in those little biodegradable pots and transplant them later when it was more obviously looking like a garden.

So we did. Now the other half will have to fill in the spellings of the plants but we got one as sort of a ground cover, some red basil and some cornflowers because at some point our goal was to plant wildflowers before it morphed into masses of purple.

They are currently in residence on his windowsill with me reminding him to water.

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