Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Some puns are not worth making

There was plenty of gardening inspiration to be found in Torquay. Bags full. Lets start with the one closest to what is soon to be home. Stephen's Dad has a lovely plot of various fruit and veggies out the back. His strawberries even make real straw. At the moment the fruits are just starting to pop out. I'm hoping that his parents won't mind me nibbling on one of them this sumer.

Then we begin the walk away from the house and up a hill. There sits Armada Park. It's essentially a big lawn with some trees and a pitch. A children's play area sits in one corner. Classic stuff. Swings, roundabout, slide. Not ugly but the paint is just slapped on and it seems just to have been put on and left there. Kids are very rarely seen playing on it. But there is some lovely welcoming graffiti. There is more friendly graffiti about the play area but some of it has, unfortunately, been attacked by the less friendly variety. What a shame. And thank you to whoever it was that decided to make the community a brighter place with a black marker.

Onward we walked down to Cockington. I dragged Stephen in for a quick look around the organic garden they have to see if I couldn't get a few ideas for the garden that I may one day have. With any luck. Hopefully. In the organic garden they display lots of different ways of doing things. There where big beds and containers full of fruit and veg as well as more traditional plots. The one I loved the most (and is hopefully going to go into the dream gardening is the square foot garden lovingly set out in grids.

One of the great things about the organic garden is how much wildlife it attracts. There are always butterflys about and plenty of bees. They have hives as well as a 'bee b&b' for the solitary chaps. So much buzzing is really great to see (and here) There are also a few of the creepier creepy crawlies about. That make me shudder and wince looking at the picture. Still, it takes all sorts. That's an artichoke that they are crawling on.

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