Monday, 23 June 2008

Trying not to sound cheesy...

So I didn't manage it. I had no need to buy an emergency cheese sandwich or pizza and I was looking forward to finishing Sunday right on target. Until my aunt told me there was Parmesan on the pasta. Oh well. Another week, another chance. And this time I have my new laptop lunch box.

Today I had some pasta in tomato sauce in the lidded compartment, some grapes, some beautiful British strawberries, and some rather unhealthy crisps. But yummy. I know the two sections of fruit may seem extravagant but there is no way I can pass up fresh British Strawberries. They are lovely, gorgeous and all the better for only being found this time of year.

Then I finished the day with a good old fashioned sausage sizzle (veggie sausages on the left). Well I just supervised the Guides sizzling. But I did buy the sausages and stuff. And carry them from the supermarket. Which wore me out so much I had to carry out a crime. Well there where some 'street walk' chalks on sale and well... As you can tell I found them a lot more difficult to write with then I remember them being.

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