Monday, 2 June 2008

Welcome home

I spent the weekend by the sea and by my boyfriend. I drooled over his Dad's strawberry patch, a local organic garden, mocked his gardening efforts, saw penguins and went in a hot air balloon.

At 9am on Sunday morning I woke my Dad with watering instructions.

I came home to see stuff in the pots doing well. Everything is pretty much how it was. The lavender and dahlias have grown a little. The chives have grown a lot. I'm really, really, really pleased with them. The seeds haven't popped up yet; no sunflower, basil or coriander.

Out in the back some of the wildflowers are starting to poke up and the pink is getting stronger. The bunny has nibbled a few leaves. She also tried to tunnel to next door. The daft rabbit.

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