Friday, 11 July 2008

Goodbyes, Hellos and Cookies

So I've left Manchester. Well that is not strictly true, I've never lived in Manchester. Heywood, Shaw, Huddersfield. All less then an hour away but I never managed to live right in the city centre. I always wanted to. I still want to.

Manchester is the city that spoilt me. When I go into a restaurant or cafe and I'm shocked that there are only two or three vegetarian dishes it's all Manchester's fault. Vegan food wasn't impossible to find either. The best chocolate cake in the world lived in a vegan cafe in the city centre.

And where else on earth can you get Afflecks Palace? An old warehouse filled with small alternative and vintage shops since... well forever really.

Then there is the stuff you don't pay for. The Buddhist Centre, Urbis, the lawns, the fountains, the statues, the people. Beautiful and wonderful. All of them. Well not Oasis. They did suck.

Now I'm a resident of Torquay. I've left behind the city I love and now I have a cozy bed in my boyfriends house. With him in it. Naturally. Living in sin by the seaside. The strangest thing about living here is that I am not responsible for my meals. Strange. Very strange. But that doesn't mean I'm not getting cooking done. Last night we made the chocolate chip cookies from Vegan With A Vengeance.

Well we made them again. Last time we forgot the bicarb. This time they where a little dry. We had to add more vegan marge and some of them where slightly undercooked but not bad undercooked. Still yummy. Instead of chocolate chips we broke up a chocolate bar (half the weight) and used that instead. I think this results in a better look and flavour especially as we used some vegan mint chocolate.


  1. Undercooked is good! The mint choc thing was good also. As for possible improvements, I'd say harder chocolate bits, but that's all!

  2. I loved the cookies, only a northerner could make cookies like this!! I loved the hint of mint and the fact they where Vegan makes me feel I have helped the planet in some way, a truly feel good cookie!!!

  3. I think the cookies greatly improves when made in devon. The salty air mixed with minty choc taste goes to make these a delicious treat.