Sunday, 13 July 2008

Plant Shopping and New Life Starting

Near where we live is a place called Cockington. It was in the Domesday book, it hasn't changed in forever, it is a very special place. Stephen used to volunteer there in his pre-employed days, planting trees, herding cows, being Devonian all over.

As a crafter what excites me most about Cockington is the craft workshops. The glass and the lady who makes fabric flowers being two of my favourites. As a gardener well there are rare trees, sensory gardens, rose gardens, community gardens, the organic garden and Plants for sale!

Yesterday we bought some lavender for the (purple) Guerrilla Garden and some Thyme because I don’t have a plant of my own here.

With any luck we are hoping to plant the Guerrilla Garden next weekend and we are on the hunt for seed bomb sites.

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