Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Subversive Substation

Although we are planning a proper Guerrilla Garden in Torquay we haven’t quite got round to it yet. Even so the lure of rebellious gardening was strong and luckily we were given a supply of seed bombs on our last visit to Urbis.

The site we chose wasn’t barren. It is an overgrown spot of grass next to a school and in front of an electricity substation. We thought it could do with a little colour. There aren’t very many patches suitable for bombing in Torquay – almost everything is a hotel.

My trick was to smash the bombs on the school’s fence and have the bomb rain down on the gap between it and the substation’s fence (yes, there is a fence, four inches and another fence). Stephen wanted to put his around the side of the patch.

We did get caught by a woman walking past. I smiled at her but I guessed by her expression of disapproval that she wouldn’t take the ‘I’m just gardening’ excuse well, she scurried along before I could give it anyway.

Are we just gardening? When we got in Stephen argued with his Dad for a couple of seconds about whether it is vandalism or beautification. I think it’s both.

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