Tuesday, 29 July 2008

It’s like a more edible form of play dough…

Parents are out. Kiddies are sneaky. We used our newfound freedom to experiment in the kitchen. Seriously, we’re puritans at heart. Tonight I used one of the Four Stephen Food Groups (potato, banana, chocolate, yoghurt) to select a recipe that was in both of our comfort zones but is completely new to us.

Enter gnocchi. Little potato pasta dumpling things. Cooking started after my bath when I put the potatoes in the oven, Stephen wasn’t home yet so I had to scramble in the garage to find where the potatoes are kept. In an old microwave box apparently. 

By the time Stephen was nearly home the potatoes where cooked and ready to go. Not all of them. One had decided to blow itself up. So hurried oven cleaning to follow this post. 

I don’t think my rolling down the fork technique is the greatest so they look a bit blob like but both of us agreed that they tasted wonderful. I had mine with tomato sauce and pepper, Stephen had his plain. The recipe was from Vegan With A Vengeance. It’s fabulous. 

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