Monday, 28 July 2008

No gardening today...

Today we were supposed to start work on the Guerrilla Garden but Torquay is suffering from a light (ahem) amount of rain right now. With storms forecast.

This morning though we woke up to a bit of a surprise. The plants for the Guerrilla garden are currently living on our windowsill. It’s a mass of green. I was looking to see what the weather was like and… no? A little closer… no! Closer still… yes! Flowers!

I explained to Stephen who, by this point, was baffled by his girlfriend leaping out of bed excitedly. And also by the fact that he was awake because it was still early.

Two of our cornflowers now have flowers with more on the way. And only yesterday Stephens Dad was pointing out that his had come out already and ours hadn’t. This picture was taken before the deluge. Hopefully they will be outside soon.

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