Friday, 25 July 2008

Stuck in a rut

I’m hopeless, it’s been less then three weeks since I moved home and less than two since I got a new job and yet I’m in a 1950’s house wife rut. Early 1950’s dirt poor English house wife who actually has a job and doesn’t do much cleaning (How strange it is not to be cleaning my own toilet, after living on my own for three years I do not like it).

And now it appears I’m stuck in a ramble. After spending yesterday agonizing about what to pack in another Friday dinnertime picnic for my boyfriend and I to share outside his work I ended up packing cute sandwiches, fruit and baked goods.

The sandwiches where shaped like a game of noughts and crosses. Stephen, rather sweetly, let me be crosses. I suppose what is on them matters more than what they look like right? It’s dairy free chocolate spread on Stephens newly veganised potato bread. Just when you where expecting my sandwiches not to be all mirth and no matter. 

Then we have the crackerbread, cheese shapes (for Stephen) and tomato and paprika dip (for me). Also in that layer is the fruit. 

My baked goods exemplify my rut. They are the Vegan with a Vengeance cookies made with mint chocolate. Stephens workmates happen to like these. They commented on the blog, complimented me on them in person and, after receiving them this morning, had him phone me to bring more in for a wife. 

Next week, showers of compliments be dammed, I’m making the bloody lemon cookies.

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