Monday, 4 August 2008

Love/Hate Cookies

These are the ‘Buttery Lemon Cookies’ from Vegan With a Vengeance. And they were a trial.

I started making them on Saturday morning, had them finished by 7pm. In a Allo Allo esque typo I just typed Saturday moning, which is actually far more apt. 

The mixing of the ingredients went for too well. They were a little wet but considering the time of year and the fact that I often have to tamper with the wet/dry ratio of the VWAV stuff I didn’t see that as a problem. I don’t mean that as a criticism of the book but the climate and vegan products you get over here are different so it’s only to be expected. 

Chilling and rolling out went fine. When cutting I learned that even half of this recipe makes a bloody lot of cookies but no problem. It was when I put them in the oven that things started to go wrong. Upon the continued advice of everyone else in the house every time I use the oven I used the fan assisted and didn’t pre-heat. So my cookies came out way underdone. 

Have you ever had an underdone lemon cookie? No, well it hurts. The lemon was way to strong and the flour mashed my insides meaning I spent the day with a tummy ach and evil heartburn. 

When I got back home Stephens Dad very kindly helped my grumpy self put them back in the oven. It took me a day to work up the courage to finally try them again. They are nice and fresh tasting but still as wicked and sinful as a cookie should be. I recommend trying these, but not letting me cook them. 

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