Sunday, 29 March 2009

garden round up

My apologies if this is more for my benefit than yours but so much has happened in the past week that I have to document it or I'll loose all memory of it.


We've received some seeds from Stephen's parents. Duplicates of ones they already had. Beefsteak tomatoes, carrots, marigolds, and mixed salad leaves.

I've planted two pots of beefsteak, two more cauliflowers, and some borage.


My agonising ended this week when I caught sight of salad bowl lettuce (pictured), spinach beet and mint crawl their way from bellow ground.

Plants bought

Safely arrived from Jekka are my aloe, lavender (pictured), soapwort and chamomile. I also splashed out on some thyme plugs and some fennel from a local artist.


Blackcurrant has probably had it. Though it may have been the cold, then the lack of feed, then over watering (to feed it...) but nothing we did could bring it back. Still two leaves remain and I don't want to throw it until they go and confirm it's death.

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