Friday, 3 April 2009

Bowl + noodle + tofu

I suppose my pictures have been similar lately. My home cooking involves sticking tofu on top of a dish of something.

But then I think about the man I love, the man who has potatoes with every meal. He eats fish, religiously every Friday as does his freakishly leek loving brother.

At least the fishes can be happy with my habits. Today it was Curried Udon Noodle Stir-fry from Veganomicon replacing the seitan with tofu and popping in purple sprouting broccoli instead of the tree looking thing. It was really yummy and disconcertingly creamy.

To change my habits a bit and open the door for all sorts of new recipes I'm trying to train myself to eat soup. Oddly enough it's not that I hate the taste of soup I just don't like liquid food. Or mashed food. The texture sends shivers down my spine.

But as I'm slowly getting over my problems with hot drinks (I know, it's odd) I think I can try soup. I made the Cashew Cream Tomato Soup from Get It Ripe, a book I simultaneously love (the recipes!) and hate (microwaves destroy qi?! detox?!) I dunked the lightly toasted home made bread in but I still can't get my head around drinking it or putting the spoon in.

One day. In fact one day I may even like leeks.

Or not.

(also boyfriend just rushed into the room to tell me Obama said he wanted "a world without nuclear weapons". Suddenly I remembered why we were so excited about this man)

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