Saturday, 4 April 2009

One for my sanity?

While waiting for my preserving book to arrive I though I'd give a stab at some chutney following the basic no-wait recipe from The Selfsufficient-ish Bible. I still hadn't used up all the shallots from the last veggie box so I thought I'd throw them in the pan to caramelise and turn them into this lovely brown goo.

I'm waiting a month or so before I sample it. If it is any good I'll post a more precise recipe.

Chutney, preserves. I never though too much about them before getting the veggie box. I though jam making looked kind of cool but only because of the impressive amount of kit.

Since getting the veggie box though I find myself valuing the vegetables though. Not just because they now make up half of my food budget (although I find the Riverford boxes cheaper I would never have bought this quantity in the first place from a supermarket) but because of the obvious time and dedication that has gone into them. I want to do them justice.

Since the portions that Riverford give are so generous it makes me turn my hand to preserving. My first port of call has always been the freezer. Carrots, broccoli, cauliflower. Classics of the freezer. I also throw in pepper, chopped onions, and herbs. Anything that I think will keep it's taste.

Then there is stock. Anything too wilted, too bitter, too ugly or just cut offs can be banged into the stock pot to be given a second chance at life. Stock made in this way is a free food and brings fee nutrients when added to noodle bowls or tomato soups. Stock can be frozen too.

Another free food, although not a vegetable one, are breadcrumbs. Here is a take on cupboard pasta using purple sprouted broccoli.

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