Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Brought to you by the letter C

Twelve months. Good things have happened and bad things have happened in that time.

I now live in Devon. That's the biggest change, the one that is good some days but bad the next. Although it was hard to leave my Guide unit, my Dad and all the good shops behind it was even better to come here and live with Stephen.

Just think.

Twelve months ago Stephen had never eaten pasta. He'd never been further north than Wales. He still ate pork. I was technically homeless with no job. I had no plants. I had no plans.

I can now recognise wild garlic, germinate seeds and sprout. I cook lovely crispy roast potatoes and the perfect vegan mint chocolate chip cookies. And Stephen has done it all with me. Even if he won't eat purple sprouted broccoli.

In honour of our first year together we cooked a meal. We decided on roast potatoes as we perfected the method together over Christmas and Macaroni and Cheese.

I topped the Macaroni and Cheese off with the disturbingly sexy Greens of Glastonbury Mature Cheddar. Which is not a sandwich cheese, or a cooking cheese but an eat a sliver and have your mouth watering for hours. As a finishing touch it made a very decadent mac and cheese.

For desert it was cupcakes. Basic chocolate iced and topped. The green ones where given edible sparkles and the purple ones got vegan chocolate buttons.

All in all a lovely anniversary meal, hopefully many more to follow!

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