Tuesday, 5 May 2009

International inspiration, local food

I like to think (and write like) my menus have some sort of beautifully put together theme. Each bit connects to the next like a culinary jigsaw. Nope. What actually happens is that I eat what I feel like in the combination I feel like eating them.

Tonight I made the Baked Cajun Fries from Vegan with a Vengeance which I personally think is the best recipe on the planet.

I'm trying to use up the chard from the Riverford box before I go away this weekend so I used it in the Spinach and Cilantro Coriander tortilla recipe from the Veganomicon. If you remember that was the first recipe I ever cooked from it. The coriander was home grown. The chard tasted far too earthy compared to the sublime spinach so I didn't quite enjoy it as much.

To dip into I opened up a pot of chutney made a few weeks ago. It's carrots (leftover from Riverford) and dried fruit chutney from India's Vegetarian Cooking. It is a sweet, spicy, refreshing chutney that apparently goes well with Indian inspired Mexican Cajun meals.

And I do apologise for the lack of posts over the weekend. I went away with the Guides so I couldn't eat any of the box, never mind post about it. But here is a picture of a pony (you'll have to guess which one is which)

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