Saturday, 16 May 2009

Is there a fan club?

Mainly because I'd already ordered my seeds before I heard about the Dig In campaign it was a bit too late by the time the seeds arrived.

They came before we went away last week and by this point I'd already got flowers on all my Gardener's Delight Tomatoes (the Beefsteak behind from being planted months after), I'd filled up the space in the salad trough reserved for the Lollo Rossa and my carrot tub was already full, my spare seeds freecycled.

Stephen's Dad reports that he's still waiting for his as the BBC has run out. Still it's a worthwhile project and it's given me the opportunity to plant Squash and Lollo Rossa which I hadn't planned or though of. And watching the videos and the bits on Gardeners World has given this beginner veg grower some reassurance.

The Squash and Lollo Rossa where planted just before we headed to Chester. I scrounged an extra pot for the lettuce and I don't have to worry about how I don't have room to grow a squash for another month or so. They have both come up already along with a chickpea.

I sprouted the chickpea before going to Chester and poped it in a leftover pot of compost. According to Alys Fowler's (who I admire for her red hair and fun outfits as well as her gardening awesomeness) book The Thrifty Gardener this little guy will grow into a charming plant with leaves like saw teeth. May as well try it.

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