Friday, 15 May 2009

Raving and Reviewing

It is our constant pleasure to test things for the benefit of you, dear reader.

Bollocks. We like to eat and we like to cook and that is why we are here. I certainly hope some of what I write informs people. I hope that you can be as excited about vegan cupcakes as I am, or spot wild garlic growing under a tree. Perhaps you just like to look at cute animals, that's okay too.

But if you come for my product recommendations I'm afraid I may have deceived you. See when we first moved into the flat I bought a copy of Vegan Cooking For One. I made the potato cakes. I gagged. I left the book on my bookshelf until... well sometime last week.

Desperately trying to use up a Riverford courgette in a way that could qualify as tasty (leeks, asparagus and courgette - the cursed three) I delved in and found a recipe for Tofu and vegetables in BBQ sauce. Minus the tofu and served with couscous and freshly baked bread.

Speaking of freshly baked bread we've recently been using flour from Shipton Mill (also available with your Riverford box) to bake our bread. The pictured loaf I let rise twice and cooked for about ten minutes extra. It's the perfect brown sandwich loaf. Dense and chewy but still fluffy enough not to detract from the bits in between. Of course now we have run out of flour.

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