Thursday, 14 May 2009

Throwing koans

We went away from my birthday so we missed wild Wednesday. Instead here are some offerings from Chester Zoo's (an annual birthday thing) green houses and gardens.

Yeah, as well as being an amazing zoo full of well kept animals with many successful breeding programmes Chester Zoo is also committed to plants.

The gardens and the plants in and around the animal exhibits are truly fascinating. I enjoyed seeing the medicinal plants such as tea tree and eucalyptus up close as well as what some of my herbs (pictured: chives) will look like when they grow up.

So we popped in the green house for a quick visit. The orchids, cacti, carnivorous plants and other tropical yummies kept our cameras occupied.

Unfortunately some of the most adorably coloured flowers weren't real These fabric flowers had a small cup inside for feeding the butterflies of the show stopping butterfly house.

Some of the other animal exhibits had tantalizing horticultural displays. This one I was tempted to pick. I've never had a Durian before but I'd love to try some.

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