Thursday, 21 May 2009

That warm feeling...

Before I compose my post on living in a mixed omnivorous and vegetarian household or ramble on about Chelsea I have to post about last nights tea.

I made Ching-He Huang's Hot and Sour Noodle Soup. (also in the book)

I made the following variations
  • My Mushrooms where not Chinese but fresh out of the Riverford box, I added more to replace the chicken.
  • I have no baby sweetcorn or bamboo shoots on hand so that was out
  • I was freezing some broccoli at the same time so I threw some in the pot.
  • I have onion not spring onion so I added it with the mushrooms.
I suppose this can be a good lesson on tweaking recipes to accommodate your seasonal, organic produce. But in reality I'm posting it because it tastes delicious. It's warm and filling and even someone as dubious about soup as I am was sipping the remainder.

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