Friday, 7 August 2009

Banana Rabanada, a love story

When you are into cooking and you love someone you want to cook for them. You want to make them the their favourite food made of their favourite ingredients. And plonk it in front of their appreciative face.

Especially when the same sweet loved one bought you a copy of the delicious, incredible
Vegan Brunch. The recipe book where you found what you though would be his favourite food.

Banana Rabanada is a piece of bread (our crusty home made in this instance) soaked in a banana mix and then fried.

Even better it's dusted with icing sugar and coco. That's three out of the four Stephen food groups. Only if I added potato could I have made it perfect.

However he didn't see it that way. Plonked in front of him for lunch his face was confused. Was it desert? Was it a main? Can you eat brunch foods for lunch? What is brunch anyway? Things are either breakfast or lunch, I'm confused.

He did assure me though that it tasted nice. I thought so too. It has plenty of sugary, carby, bananary start the day goodness. Perfect.

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