Monday, 17 August 2009

Little Blighters

Before I went away for my cousin's wedding this weekend I was a bit worried about the tomatoes. I harvested the red ones and cast a worried glance at the rest.

As I got back my suspicions where confirmed. They had got blight. Crap. So every undamaged tomato was pulled off my ten Gardener's Delight and 2 Beefsteak plants.

A good quarter are red, some more turning and the green ones will be laid out on my windowsill. Then It's tomato sauce making time.

I've currently got 513g of ripe tomatoes, and a whopping 1242g of green ones. They may not make it all to the kitchen. I'll be checking back for blight.

The Gardeners Delight smashed the beefsteak in terms of yield but I did realise people aren't lieing when they say the fruit is prone to splitting.

The last month has seen heavy rain followed by ridiculously dry and hot. As well as blight that has given me problems with blossom end rot. Our position by the sea and adjacent to a biulding site had meant that the plants suffered from salt damage after every bout of wind.

We started sowing in January. Planted out under cloches in March and harvested, right now, in August.

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