Friday, 21 August 2009


According to restaurants at least all vegetarians eat is stuffed peppers and lentils. So who am I to disappoint.

Again I cooked shimla mirch parkhe. A pepper stuffed with spicy mash. The picture is better this time. God bless natural light.

But this time I got a little adventurous with the 'bed of'. My aversion to gooey foods is week documented and yes, the last time I tried my hand at a dhal I almost puked. But now...

Well I can at least eat it with something to dip in it. And I found that it was quite yummy, and filling. I made Masoora di dhal which had mung beans and red split lentils with a tomato tarka. So very hearty and yum.

Both recipes from Cooking Like Mummyji

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