Saturday, 10 October 2009

All the fun of the... massive amounts of free samples

Today we went out to the small but cool Torbay Food and Arts Festival at the Market Forum. There was a fair amount on show and we managed to come home with quite a bit of reasonably priced swag. Although when you have three different people selling olives it's quite easy to get a competitive price. Our goals are always the same at these things. Stephen likes to come home with some new fudge, jam or honey and some new cheese. I like to come home with something fun and exotic that I can't get anywhere else. That and home-made chutney.

Stephen managed to get everything on his list. and I got to try some truly awesome free samples. Olives, Bombay potatoes, anything that come with a tooth pick. The ice cream stall even had a pot of lemon sorbet so, of course, a picture had to be taken with me looking stupid next to it.

The one thing I wanted to try - the Thai food - I wasn't able too. I've got a picture of their wonderful vegetable display but all the dishes they have to offer have meat. Sad. We picked up a menu and their everyday offerings come with an extensive vegetarian selection. At least the watermelon looked pretty.

I also bought a Bombay potato spice mix which is apparently 'authentic' and 'real'. I have my doubts but it was definitely yummy. I'm not usually a big buyer of spice mixes or a fan of Bombay potatoes but being offered one straight from the pan did sway me a little. They have other flavours here. Along side that are some Szechuan peppercorns and a squash of some description.

The most exciting was yet to come. When we got home our postbox was full. Our AmnesTea pack had arrived. We're probably going to host a lunch on December 10th and if you are in the UK please order your own pack and give it a go. If you can't and you have a few spare teabags... well you know who needs them.

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  1. Yay for free samples, though sad that there wasn't more vegan things.