Friday, 9 October 2009

Free Friday: In The Brunch Box

I didn't have time to pop back for tea before Brownies this week so I packed a little later than lunch box to keep me going while I was at Oxfam. In there is two squares of Vegan Brunch's Spinach and Potato Squares with some ketchup a toasted pita bread stuffed with salad and Summer Pate plus two servings of Mexican Hot Chocolate Snickerdoodles. Because I'm an adult and I can have two lots of desert if I want to. And I do, often.

When I got home I topped up with a beanball sub from Veganomicon. You can tell that winter is almost here. That picture was the best of the bunch and needed heavy photoshopping before looking even that bad.

Aside from a long list of recipes to try our and new blogs to read Vegan MoFo has taught me how much I still have to learn about food. There is so much I have yet to try. I've pledged to get the ingredients together to try to make my own onion bhaji, make some dango, and try sweet potatoes for the first time in my life. But for now all I've done is fried a plantain. I liked it. Stephen though it was a bit odd.

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