Sunday, 4 October 2009

And I spent my Sunday eating off the bottom of a famous gentleman

MoFo light again today. Please keep the popcorn suggestions coming and next weekend we'll make up a big batch and do a taste test.

In the mean time behold my lunch. Veggie hot dogs on one wholemeal and one white sub, with mustard and ketchup.

Actually, despite all the other excellent food, the one thing I really wanted while visiting Disney World was a vegetarian hot dog. I was craving them so badly when I came back that I practically inhaled a packet. I remember one painful night in the Magic Kingdom where my Dad and Kelsie bought giant hot dogs.

I was stuck with fries and went to raid the condiments bar. I put what I though was mustard over them but to this day I can not tell if I put tasteless (and alarmingly liquid) American cheese or tasteless American mustard over the top.

But apparently I have a really lovely accent.


  1. Sadly, it was probably mustard. It just can't compete with lovely spicy mustard. Saw you're in Torquay! I spent some time in Dartmouth back in college. Lovely area. :)

  2. It drives me crazy that hot dog places in the US don't carry veggie dogs! When my husband and I visit Toronto we always make a point of stopping to get a veggie dog at one of the hot dog vendors. I understand that craving well!

  3. Likely tasteless mustard. My husband loves the stuff. Very yellow, and utterly boring.