Saturday, 3 October 2009


It's the weekend so I'm going easy on the MoFo stuff. But I though I'd put an appeal out there to the visiting vegans. What the hell do I do with popcorn?

I'd never seen popcorn being popped until we wher doing it in metal tins over tealights at Guides (a centenary cooking challenge I think... not the best idea ever) and I was immediately enchanted. The weekend after I was offered the melted vintage popcorn maker of Stephen's parents.

Awesome. I've been popping all week. At the moment I'm just putting sugar over it but I'm imagining that there has to be a better way.

What is your favourite way to have popcorn?


  1. Nutritional yeast is a favorite. You can also make your own parmesan and use that. I really like raw parm made from raw sunflower seeds and spices. Also vegan margarine, red pepper flakes, and oregano...yum!

    If you like sugar, I'd try adding cinnamon as well.

  2. Flax oil, nutritional yeast, and curry powder!

  3. I air pop mine then add 1-2 Tbsp melted vegan margarine, fine popcorn salt, fresh ground pepper, and lots of nutritional yeast.