Friday, 2 October 2009

It may take a couple of months...

From here on out I'm going to be giving my posts a theme for Vegan MoFo.

Monday's will be Gourmet Torbay where I'll be talking about where to find ingredients in Torbay. Special focus on things ignored or done badly by Supermarkets.

On Tuesday our focus will be bread. Bread reviews, my bread recipe and me venturing out into new ones.

Wednesday's are for studying a seasonal vegetable. Most of these arn't lined up yet because the focus will definitely be on what is in the box.

I'll be praising the unsung heros of my kitchen on Thursdays.

And Friday - today - is free.

And today I want to show you what I'll be eating in the months to come. In front of the windowsill, with it's ragged looking summer crops I've turned over the two troughs, insulated their bums with polystyrene pizza trays and planted salad. Spring onions and three kinds of lettuce. If the winter turns cold I'll put a jumper on them but right now I'm seeing how long they can last.
A bit tougher is my rainforest of greens. The huge one in the back (which may have to be nibbled on early) is chard, bright lights. Along with the spinach beet in the front they are a bit of an experiment. I want to see if our mild coastal climate will keep them going over winter. In the middle (somewhere!) is kale. My insurance policy.

Can you guess what it is? I drilled holes in the side of a pound shop bin. They are in the side to leave room for the (hopefully) large tap roots diving down to get some moisture.

And the grown up version in my large roots tub. Carrots that can go on the plate today or can be stored for a hungry winter.


  1. What a cute little garden! Hopefully I'll have one of those someday soon.

  2. Lovely veggies! I plan on growing my first garden next year...

  3. You have a lovely garden! I hope my veggies grow as well as yours have.