Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Bread of the Week: Sorta Bagels

I'm going to use the next two MOFO Tuesday's to talk about experimenting with different kinds of bread. This week I tried to make bagels and - just to cut the suspense-it did not go very well.

I used the recipe from Bread which I found a little vague. The descriptions on turning the dough into rings weren't as good as in Vegan Brunch... but whatever. That wasn't the problem.

I turns out the dough I made was just too dry. When shaping and proving cracks opened up that I couldn't really help. At that point all the extra water I added made no difference, just a sloppy mess. It was bad.

That was, they looked bad. They tasted fantastic. Stephen, bagel virgin, and my Dad, bagel veteran, both loved them. Toasted, with a bit of marge.

Hopefully they will go better next time, now that I know what the dough is supposed to look like. Clue: not that dry. And I will try them again. There is just something satisfying (and, blessedly, simple) about poaching those cute little balls of dough before they head into the oven.

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