Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Bread of the Week

Riverford have started offering bread. Sorry, I just have to pause while I drool on my keyboard.

Riverford, who we love devotedly, have started offering bread with their organic veg boxes.

The bread, pause to take a look at the full incredible range, is baked fresh in the morning in either Hampshire or Devon to ensure that the south of England has a full supply of incredible organic breads.

Now we usually bake our own bread. I do a basic white loaf and, on occasion, Stephen will supplement with potato bread. But we are not above buying, especially on weekends if we take a trip down to the market.

But when tempted with freshly baked bread, made with organic ingredients, made with the excellent Shipton Mill Flour we gave in.

Poring over the catalogue we couldn't decide which loaf to order first. All but one (the Spelt, with honey) are vegan unless you are that person I always hear about at parties who considers yeast an animal. I was in favour of a malt or sour dough, something we don't usually cook ourselves but Stephen talked me round to a white batch.

Plain, perfect sandwich loaf. It's described as 'supersoft' and it is. perfect in the way I just can't make my oven hot enough to make. Sevearly yummy.

We aspire to order the other breads eventually but we are home bakers at heart. And next week I'll show you how we make our white loaf.

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