Friday, 16 October 2009

Free Friday: Bread and Pumpkin

It almost feels like a betrayal to my blog title to admit that winter is coming. But it's true. I've crept under the covers early 'to read' a few times this week, the heating has switched itself on and we're now needing artificial light almost as soon as we get home from work.

I love this time of year but there is also a lot of work to do in clearing out from the last season and making way for the new. Spring flowers are being nurse on my windowsill while I pull down the last of the tomatoes. The indoor one was taken down today still with the gorgeous fruit.

I'm having to remind myself that autumn is a season in and of itself so I thought I'd do something incredibly autumny, something I've never done before. I ate pumpkin. No, never had it. And I don't know why. The dish was Pumpkin in Tomato Sauce from How to Cook Everything: Vegetarian served on spaghetti. Sweet, smoky, full of flavour. I knew it was perfect when I I went back to the pan after my first bite. I doubled my serving size. The rest of it made a nice lunch today along side some cornbread.

The other thing I wanted to share today I made for Guides. I thought these beautiful, delicious, rustic hand made bread sticks would go down well. And they did but only after a few jokes about how ugly they where. I think they are gorgeous. What about you?

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