Saturday, 17 October 2009

Heritage potatoes

Unlike Clare, I'm nowhere near being vegan, so this may be my only contribution to the Vegan Month Of Food. Yesterday we went to Waitrose, thereby checking another 'middle class liberal' box. Clare was excited by the range of fruits, vegetables, and spices, while I was, predictably, excited by the range of potatoes. These potatoes were something special though, as you can see by what they look like inside:

Your eyes do not deceive you: these potatoes have pinkish purple flesh. They're Highland Burgundy Red, and are part of the heritage range:

The back of the packet gives more details of the project (click on the image to make it bigger):

On the base of the packet a sticker said 'best roasted', so that's what we did - making these the first potatoes of the roasting season. They were unlike any roasted potatoes we had ever had before. The flesh was sweet, flaky, and still purple - the inside looked more like salmon than potato. Clare loved them, and I though they were pretty good too. Unfortunately by the time they were roasted the light was fading, so there's only one over-exposed picture of the result:

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