Friday, 23 October 2009

Free Friday: Just might be the most amazing vegetable...

Sorry about that, the themes got lost when my Dad arrived. Where was I? Free friday is today so I thought I would blog about the very nice side dish that I had with my veggie burger tonight.

Romanesco! It came, naturally, in the box. Despite looking like an over-achieving cauliflower it's taste comes out closer to broccoli, in my opinion at least. Here I heated some oil with some garlic, chilli and oregano as per the Riverford Farm Cook Book and tossed the blanched romanesco in it.

Turns out, much like all vegetables, I like it slightly overdone but the chilli and garlic was a definite hit.

It's served with what I think is my new favourite bean burgers. And trust me here, I eat a lot of bean burgers. It's spicy, with a silky texture and just enough bite from bits of been and vegetables. It's from Goodlife and was topped with ketchup and lettuces.

I may as well say it now, because you'll have a good few months of it: I apologize for the winter lighting.

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