Friday, 30 October 2009

'I'll turn you into a woooooo'

Even though it's gaining a great deal of popularity Halloween just isn't a big deal in the UK. Sure there are events (and anti-events for devout kids) and merchandising but it isn't the great cultural force that it is in America. Which admittedly I've only experienced in a rented house outside Orlando but felt real enough to me.

However it is an excuse for sweets and silliness so I've baked a bunch of cupcakes to take to workmates, volunteermates, and neighbours. They are graveyard dirt chocolate cupcakes with sludgy butter cream frosting and pumpkin goo (inexpertly) piped on top. Stuck in each one is a pumpkin, zombie, blood or... blue coloured lolly pop.

For Stephen's workmates we set them up on a table with our pumpkin, some roasted pumpkin seeds and some Halloween sweets.

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