Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A little rant and a side of dofu

I'm very into walking to get to places. As much as I loved having the convenience of a car to drive us to farm shops when my Dad was here (not as much, of course as I loved having him here and his little dog too) it's actually kind of crap to suggest that I'm doing good for the plant buying local organic food when I have to drive to get it.

Of course the idea of choice in these situations (as indeed it seems with anything to do with food issues) is either non existence or between a rock and a hard place. However, if you can it's better to have things delivered, especially from places that don't have a shop front, as a van making multiple stops will generally be more efficient than a car.

Failing that, but again only if you can, there is the option of walking to where the food is. Which is why I started doing the Gourmet Torbay reviews. So that other people in Torbay want to find an ingredient they can do it on foot, without going to the ends of the earth.

Which is a very round about way to say I found edamame in a local freezer section which gave me the excuse to try the wonderful Spicy Dofu and Edamame Beans again. Unburnt it tasted fantastic and is a perfect quick meal. The glutenous rice side took the longest to cook and all I needed to chop was the tofu. With the rice washed and the tofu pressed in the morning I could have been eating within fifteen minutes of coming in the door. I just had to wait for Stephens food to come out of the oven.

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