Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Have I ever told you about the night I finally went vegetarian? I swear it's relevant and not just one of my usually sprawling introduction paragraphs that has nothing to do with anything.

For starters it has more than one paragraph. See? Anyway. I was going out with this bloke called Dave, he was (and still is according to google) a games programmer and was the only boyfriend that I've ever had that I didn't meet online. We where both extras in an advert. I remember I was reading Vegan With A Vengeance on set.

Anyway so he dumps me. And I'm thinking that I'm probably going to have to drop out of uni (completely unrelated to the boy), which also means loosing my job and loosing my home so life is already quite crap without this bloke dumping me. So I think I have to do something good tonight. Something for me. Something extra special.

I'd been thinking about it for years, trying out food and slowly getting used to the idea but that night was what finally pushed me to being a vegetarian. Then I went out to to Subway because I was too grumpy to cook after just being dumped.

Of course now I'm with Stephen so I'm never grumpy... shut up... and how all this relates to today is that the boy who dumped me loved Beef Wellington and I promised to cook it for him. But I never did and now I never will make it.

However, and five paragraphs later we get to the point, I made Mini Wellingtons from The Vegan Lunchbox for tea tonight. Served with carrots, chard and broccoli stir-fried with soy sauce and garlic. Very yum just a little dry and, in my northern opinion, could have done with a splash of gravy.

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