Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I'll say

We generally make a pilgrimage to Lush every time we are in a city that has one. We enjoy sniffing things, looking at the pretty colours and chatting with the very lovely, very perky staff. We like that they value the handmade, and that they don't value too much packaging. We indulge in a bath bomb and go on our way.

It's a little tradition we take part in whenever we go to civilisation. So hearing about staff being threatened and stores being vandalised made us go a bit... 'you what?!' I mean I know of people who don't like the smell but...

Turns out they are selling a bubble bar until Boxing Day that supports the HSA. Which has made fox hunters more than a little bit angry. A lot of people on the other side of the fence are angry too though. We're angry that even though fox hunting isn't legal it's still happening, that foxes are still being killed. And that the people's champion, David Cameron, would quite like it to be legal again.

Which has lead to all sorts of fun. Like the aforementioned threats and vandalism of Lush shops. And also, I assume, this lovely review on the website:

Now I don't agree with everything done by (and in the name of) the HSA. Much as I don't like everything done by Greenpeace or vegetarians or feminists. However they are doing an important job in regards to fox hunting. Personally I wish the police would do it but it turns out we can't have everything we want.

However my rambling will never amount to more than tip of the iceberg on what is a strange part of British life and politics and I don't intend to pull it apart any more here. But I did buy the bubble bar. And it smells yum.

I used it today, it turned the bath slightly pink and the smell of aniseed and peppermint was rich and luxurious. If you got to buy one make sure to sign the petition urging police to investigate hunts and uphold the law properly.

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